Audio-Technica Sonic Sport Wired Earphones - Best Deal Offer Price Compare

Audio-Technica Sonic Sport Wired Earphones with Microphone

  1. Earphones with Microphone and 8.5mm Powerful Sound Drivers.
  2. Sweatproof, Volume Controls and Comfortable Fit.
  3. Audio-Technica has worked alongside leading figures in sports and music broadcast to develop.
  4. Humility, passion, creativity, and expertise in sound are the core values behind Audio-Technica’s legacy.
  5. The Sonic Sport has a Secure Fit User-Friendly Lightweight design with Ear hooks that conveniently adjusts to your ears.
  6. Travel Friendly & allows the user to enjoy music freely & attend calls with seamless experience for longer hours even during rugged exercises & Sports.
  7. The Audio Technica Sonic Sport comes with 8.5mm Drivers that Produce Crystal clear sound with exceptional depth
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