Top 5 Mobile Gaming Triggers for Call of Duty/Garena Free Fire & PUBG with Green Logo Finger

There are more than 300 million gamers alone in India. The battle for winning and accomplishing missions is brutal. Plus, during this lockdown, many new gamers have evolved and have found a new hobby during this lockdown and this number of gamers is constantly rising.

PUBG Mobile is a free battle royale game which is very popular in India. The game has taken the mobile gaming community by storm, and is currently one of the best eSports titles out there.

EASYSHOP Gun BattleMods X1 Conductive Mobile Gaming Triggers for Call of Duty/Garena Free Fire with Green Logo Finger
  1. Call of Duty/Garena Free Fire with Green Logo Finger Sleeve for PUBG Gaming Anti Sweat.
  2. Thickness: Playing with 4 Fingers.
  3. PUBG Mobile game controller will take your gaming skills to the next level.
  4. Designed for games on android, PUBG, Free Fire, Fortnite, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royale,Critical Ops.
  5. This finger set can isolate hand sweat and screen contact, non-slip, anti-fingerprint, can improve your game Experience.
ACED M2 PUBG Triggers Controller for Mobile Gaming for BGMI/Free Fire/COD Mobile/etc- PUBG Trigger
  1. Mobile Gaming for BGMI/Free Fire/COD Mobile/etc- PUBG Trigger.
  2. Controller malfunction or after the controller installed on the phone, Please turn off the phone screen, and then turn on the phone screen again.
  3. The left hand index finger controls the left two buttons, the right hand index finger controls the left right buttons.
  4. This set of mobile game controller is very light, not too large, easy to operate, from the beginning to proficiency is not difficult.
OnePlus Gaming Triggers Black in
  1. Easily be adapted to fit a wide range of Android and iOS mobile phones, even when screen protectors and protective cases are equipped.
  2. Thanks to tactile buttons that interact with your device display through capacitive conduction, you gain the ability to respond quickly to any action in your game.
  3. Tactile Feedback Designed for e-sports: Omron switches to provide users with better tactile feedback based on what happens in-game.
  4. Support most Battle Royale-style multiplayer mobile games including PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, and more.
Mobile Gaming Triggers | Capacitive Conduction | For BGMI/Free Fire/COD Mobile/Apex Legends Mobile
  1. Conductive Technology based wide range of Gaming triggers for BGMI/ Free Fire/ COD and other such Battle Royale games. 
  2. It uses innovative Capacitive Conduction Technology that simulates human hand touch by sending a capacitive signal for a zero-lag instant response.
  3. Built of robust ABS material and premium electroplated plated alloy buttons.
  4. With imported mechanical micro switch, the BattleMods NinjaX provides greater durability and faster responsiveness.
SpinBot BattleMods NinjaX | Electric Edition | Automatic Burst Mode Gaming Trigger
  1. 5X Faster with Capacitive Conduction.
  2. BGMI/Free Fire Max/COD Mobile/Apex Legends Mobile.
  4. The one-Clip design fits all thickness smartphones and no need to remove the back cover.
  5. The electric triggers are great! Was using the ninja x for 6 months before the right trigger started giving trouble.

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